Sandpiper Cay Condominium Owners Association Pool Rules & Regulations

General Rules

The community pool is for residents and accompanied guests only.  The pool code and a pool pass are required for admission to the pool. Please contact the office if you have any questions about obtaining the pool code or the pool pass. Please observe these and other posted rules for an enjoyable pool season!

The pool opens the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend and closes the last Sunday in September. The pool hours are 9am – 8pm until Labor Day and 9am-7pm after Labor Day. The pool code changes each year. Please login to your account or contact the office or your rental company for the pool code.

-   All owners using the pool must be current in Association dues. The pool is for owners, residents, and unit guests use only.

-    All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty. Owners and Management are not responsible for accidents or injury.

-    The Association Manager has the right to determine the consequences for owners and guests observed or reported as abusing, vandalizing, or violating any pool rules. This may include denying use and suspending pool privileges for a specified amount of time.

-    The pool monitor is in complete charge in the pool area. He/She may dismiss from the pool area any person(s) who violate these regulations. When a person(s) has been reprimanded or asked to leave the pool area, those person(s) must do so immediately.

-    Proper bathing attire must be worn.

-    When the front door is locked, or a sign is posted, the pool is closed.

-    Individuals must shower before entering the pool.

-    No person with an infection or a communicable disease,. or open wound is allowed in the pool.

-    When weather dictates that the pool should be closed in the interest of safety, the pool monitor is responsible and is authorized to clear the pool and close pool area.

-    The noise level from voices, radios, or other devices, must be kept at a level so as not to disturb other pool guests; foul language is strictly prohibited and is cause for dismissal. Radios or boom boxes must be kept at least five (5) feet from the edge of the pool.

-    No running, diving, rough play, horseplay, fighting, excessive splashing, pushing or dunking, or throwing objects is allowed. 

-    No glass in any of the pool areas. Drinks must be kept in an unbreakable container and remain at least five (5) feet from the edge of the pool.  No drinks are allowed in the pool.  FOOD IS PERMITTED ON THE UPPER DECK AREA ONLY. 

-    Smoking is permitted on the upper deck area only. Ashtrays and cans are provided for the disposal of cigarettes.

-    No pets allowed in the pool area.

-    Equipment such as masks, fins, snorkels, boogie boards, or floats may be prohibited at the discretion of the pool monitor.

-    Children under thirteen (13) years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult, eighteen (18) years or older. Accompanying adults are responsible for and expected to watch the child/children AT ALL TIMES while within the recreation area.

-    Children who are not toilet trained must wear approved swim diapers.

-    Bicycles, skateboard, skates, or any recreational vehicle with wheels are not permitted in the pool area.

-    Climbing over the pool fence at any time day or night when the pool door is locked carries a $150 fine and loss of pool privileges for the season. Trespassers, whether resident or non-resident, will be arrested and prosecuted by police to the full extent of the law.

-     Reasons for automatic pool closure:
         Fecal matter in pool and/or pool area
         Main drain damage and/or suction lines blocked
         Lightening, thunder, or severe rainstorm in the area
         Broken glass in the pool or deck area
         Mechanical failure, Pump failure
         When the monitor deems it necessary