Sandpiper Cay Condominium Owners Association Tennis/Basketball Rules

General Rules

The community tennis court is for residents and accompanied guests only.

The tennis / basketball court is open all year. The hours are dawn-dusk. The tennis/basketball code changes each year. Please login to your account or contact the office or your rental company for the code.

-    Only residents and their guests are permitted to use the court.

-    Use court at your own risk.


-    There is a 1 hour time limit for tennis and basketball if others are waiting.

-    No street shoes are allowed on the court. Only tennis shoes may be worn.

-    Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the court.

-    Climbing over the fence at any time of the day or night is prohibited and will carry a $150.00 fine. Trespassers, whether resident or non-resident, will be arrested and prosecuted by the police to the full extent of the law.

-    The noise level from voices, radios, etc., must be kept at a level so as not to disturb other neighbors; foul language is prohibited.

-    There is to be no fighting, shoving, throwing, of objects or other behavior which would endanger other people using the recreational areas.

-    Containers will be provided for trash, please use them.

-    Glass bottles are prohibited in the court.